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Inventory of VAC studies

During the last years I have worked on qualitative and quantitative studies on Child Protection, Domestic Violence and Violence against Children.

Therefore, I try to stay on top of what is going on in research on a worldwide level. The following is a list of published quantitative surveys about Violence against Children / Child Abuse that I have found over the last couple of years.

This list, of course, is not at all complete but it might be useful anyway. Please note that I have included all studies I found, regardless of their quality. Therefore, this list comes completely without warranty. The inclusion of a study in this list also does imply any endorsement of the methodology or overall quality.

Some studies consider themselves 'quantitative' studies and treat findings as such. Sometimes, however, a closer look reveals that the research methodology is essentially based on a qualitative approach or that the data is not necessarily representative for the target population because it appears to be based on a non-random sample .

I have included those studies nevertheless because they are often referred to as quantitative studies, so please proceed with caution.

The Child Protection Working Group (CP MERG) has also commissioned a few mapping exercises that describe which tools are currently used. They also conducted an assessment (in which I was involved) of some of the studies you can find below. This might also be useful to get an overview of the state of research and methods employed in the area.

If you are aware of other studies that I missed, please let me know and I will gladly include them.  

(All links were valid as of June 2014)




Africa (various states) 2006 VAC in Africa: A Retrospective Survey in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda
Africa (various states) 2011 VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN IN AFRICA
Armenia 2002-2003 Violence against Children in the Republic of Armenia (orphans and their families)
Balkan (various states) 2011 BECAN (Balkan Epidemiological Study on Child Abuse and Neglect)
Cambodia 2014 Cambodia Violence against Children Survey
Chile 2006 Maltrato Infantil y Relaciones Familiares en Chile (1994-2000-2006)
China 2005 Study on Child Abuse and Spouse Battering (parents study)
China 2011 Optimus Studies (China, Switzerland, South Africa)
Dominican Republic 2006 Encuesta Nacional de hogares de propositos multiples (ENHOGAR 2006)
Eastern Caribbean 2009 Child Sexual Abuse in the Eastern Caribbean
Ethiopia 2008 A Study on Violence against Girls in Primary Schools and Its Impacts on Girls’ Education in Ethiopia
Fiji 2008 Protect me with love and care: Fiji
Georgia 2007 National Study on Violence against Children in Georgia
Germany 2011 Erster Forschungsbericht zur Repräsentativbefragung Sexueller Missbrauch 2011 (Sexual Abuse in Germany, 2011)
Ghana 2004 Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Ghana
Guyana 2005 Voices of Children: Experiences with Violence
India 2007 Study on Child Abuse in India (update October 2017: link defunct)
International current MICS (Multi Indicator Cluster Surveys) / VAC module
International 2003 Global School Based Student Health Surveys
International 2004 WorldSAFE
Kiribati 2008 Protect me with love and care: Kiribati
Lebanon 2008 Child Sexual Abuse in Lebanon
Malawi 2004 Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Malawi- Results from the 2004 National Survey of Adolescents
Malawi 2005 SUFFERING AT SCHOOL: Results of the Malawi Gender-Based Violence in Schools Survey
Malaysia 2006 Victimization Experiences of Adolescents in Malaysia
Mali 2010 La violence faite aux enfants en milieu scolaire au Mali (VAC in Schools in Mali)
Moldova 2007 Violence against children in the Republic of Moldova
Philippines 2008 Toward a Child-Friendly Education Environment: A Baseline Study on Violence Against Children in Public Schools 
Solomon Islands 2008 Protect me with love and care: Solomon Islands
Swaziland 2007 Violence Against Children in Swaziland
Tanzania 2009 Violence against Children in Tanzania
The Gambia 2005 Beating the Misconceptions, Not the Children. A Survey of Corporal Punishment in The Gambia
Uganda 2004 Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Uganda: Results from the 2004 National Survey of Adolescents
Uganda 2005 Violence Against Children The Voices of Ugandan Children and Adults
UK 2009 Child abuse and neglect in the UK today
Vanuatu 2008 Protect me with love and care: Vanuatu
Vietnam 2010 Keeping Silent is Dying - Results from the  National Study on Domestic Violence against Women in Viet Nam